print products and pricing

Purchasing photographic prints from Catcha Star ensures that you receive the highest quality professional prints. Our post production facilities are calibrated to our lab which ensures your prints will be reproduced exactly as they were finished. All images are printed on professional grade archive paper which means your images stay as fresh as the day they were created.

Along with photographic prints, Catcha Star offers high end canvas prints and photobooks. Pricing for the most commonly requested sizes can be found below, but please don’t hesitate to ask about any custom printing requirements you may have.


Photographic Prints:

Printed on Lustre Photographic Paper:
4″ x 6″         $1.25 (gloss available)
5″ x 7″         $3.15
6″ x 8″         $3.75 (gloss available)
8″ x 10″       $8.75
10″ x 12″     $16.25
10″ x 15″     $17.50
12″ x 18″     $31.25
16″ x 24″     $56.25
20″ x 30″     $62.50

Printed on Pearl Photographic Paper:
8″ x 10″      $21.25
10″ x 12″    $37.50
10″ x 15″    $47.50
12″ x 18″    $56.25

We also provide high quality canvas prints and other printing services. Please don’t hesitate to enquire regarding pricing for all of your customised printing requirements.

Please note: There is a $15.00 postage and handling surcharge for all print orders that are not part of packages, ie. there is no postage and handling charge for print orders associated with packages.