Photography and Photo Finishing Standard Rates

To keep things simple we offer professional photography at the flat rate of $180 per hour with a minimum of three 3 hours.

This includes:

  • Professional photographer Chris Harding
  • Editing of all images post-shoot (editing includes exposure adjustment, colour correction, sharpening, clarity, cropping, vignetting, lens corrections and noise reduction)
  • All professional Canon cameras, lenses and accessories
  • All required lighting equipment
  • Unrestricted reproduction licence
  • All images delivered via Dropbox in both high and low resolution with no watermark
  • Travel and parking costs between Byron Bay and Brisbane

Our standard rate doesn’t include retouching of images, however retouching of individual images can be requested and we also provide great package deals for headshot and portrait shoots that includes retouching of a number of images.

Please refer to the table below for rates of all other photographic and finishing services.

Photographic Sessions

Photographic sessions are priced at $180 per hour (minimum 3 hours). This includes initial editing and delivery of all successful images. Initial editing includes: exposure adjustment, sharpening, clarity, cropping, vignetting, colour correction, lens corrections and noise reduction. This also includes an unrestricted reproduction licence for all images and two copies of the digital image master files (a high resolution version for printing and an optimised version for use online). Please note retouched or finished digital image files from photographic sessions can be purchased separately (see below).

Retouching or Finishing of Images

Retouched or finished digital Image files can be purchased independently from shoot sessions and packages. We offer two levels of retouching: Tier 1 retouched images are $30 per image and include blemish and spot removal, skin smoothing, eye enhancement, teeth whitening, lens correction, local colour adjustment and b&w or sepia conversion. This level of retouching is suitable for headshots and portraiture. Tier 2 retouched images  are $60 per image and includes all retouching as per tier 1, plus extensive Photoshop work such as airbrushing and dodging and burning. This level of retouching is appropriate for magazine work, pinup, boudoir, and some instances of portraiture and model portfolio work. All retouching includes an unrestricted reproduction licence and two copies of the digital image master files (a high resolution version for printing and an optimised version for use online). 

Urgent Images Request

Editing is completed on a first come first serve basis. However, it is possible to request urgent finishing of a number of images when deadlines are required to be met. Non-retouched images can be fast-tracked at an additional cost of $10 per image and fast-tracked retouched images can be requested at an additional cost of $20 per image. This fee is in addition to quoted pricing (unless included in the initial quote) and does not increase the total of images that form part of the quote or package. Please note, the amount of images that can be fast-tracked will be dependent upon demand at the time of editing.


Catch A Star does not provide printing services directly, however we do recommend based in Brisbane for high quality colour correct professional photographic printing. 

Make Up and Hair Artistry

A professional make up artist can be requested for your photographic session. Price is upon application.

Digital Photo Finishing

Digital photo finishing for external images (including basic retouching, colour correction, cropping and exposure correction etc) is $40 per image.

Retouching of External Images

Photographic retouching and Photoshop manipulation is $80 per hour. All jobs are quoted according to the work required.

Portable Headshot Studio Setup Fee

The fee to hire, transport, setup and pack-down our portable headshot studio and all accessories is $150.

Payment terms

A 50% deposit is required to secure all bookings with the balance payable before final images are released. We accept payment via direct transfer and credit card (credit card payments incur a 2% merchant fee).